Backup solutions for your Mac

Your information can often be more important than the computer it’s on. We can provide the hardware and software you need for a reliable backup system.

To protect the valuable information on your computer, you need to backup your files. That way, whether you accidentally delete an important e-mail or suffer a more serious system failure, you can always recover quickly. To backup, you need:

  • software to automate the process for you
  • external storage to backup onto

Many modern Macs come with Apple’s built-in backup solution, Time Machine, which can be setup easily to both backup your Mac and go back over time to recover previous versions of files. This feature is only available in Mac OS 10.5 (‘Leopard’) and later — to check which version of Mac OS X you have, click on the Apple logo in the top left of your Mac’s screen and select ‘About This Mac’. For those with earlier versions of the Mac OS, we recommend SuperDuper! or the free LaCie SilverKeeper application.

For enterprise-quality external storage, we highly recommend our top of the range DataTale drive enclosures. Available in a range of sizes - from 1TB (1,000GB) all the way up to 8TB (8,000GB) — and sporting USB2, FireWire 400, 800 and eSATA, as well as industry leading Oxford 936 chipsets, our DataTale drive enclosures are the perfect professional backup solution. With a variety of RAID options letting you, for example, merge two 2TB drives into a single 4TB volume on your Mac (RAID 0), or mirror one or two drives in the event of drive failure (RAID 1), adding another layer of security to your backup system.

Additionally, whisper quiet fans, a sleek design and LED status indicators complement this reliable and stylish backup solution. Pricing includes bespoke setup by Mac 1.


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