Signs of hard drive trouble

Hard drives can fail suddenly, but more often than not they will exhibit some symptoms before this happens. Here are a few warning signs you should look out for.

Your Mac is running slower than usual

This is often an indication of hard drive trouble. If your computer is running noticeably slower than usual and/or takes a long time to start up, then hard drive failure is likely and may well be imminent.

Strange noises are coming from your Mac

As strange as it sounds, hard drives have moving parts and a common indicator of hard drive trouble is unusual noises. Most common are beeps and grinding or clicking sounds; they almost always point to a hard drive in particularly bad shape.

Your Mac is behaving strangely

Applications quitting for no apparent reason, freezes and unusual behaviour are not always the result of hard drive problems, but it’s not worth taking chances.

If you need data recovered - or have any of the above symptoms - get in touch and we’ll advise you on what to do. If your drive has failed, we can replace it and get you up and running again on the same day, but recovering data is less clear-cut. While a significant number of data recoveries are successful and completed within a day or so, others can take in excess of a week or more. We’ll do our best to estimate how long things will take as well as your chances of recovery and keep you fully informed throughout.


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