How we work: a case study

To illustrate how things work at our repair shops, here’s a scenario based on a real client’s Mac dilemma.

Jane’s laptop, on which she has saved the only copy of her business presentation, has been dropped and no longer starts up. She needs the laptop working and the information on it before she boards a flight the following morning.

10:30 am

Jane comes into one of Mac 1’s shops and describes her problem. Our staff advise that her hard drive may be damaged, but that there may also be a more serious internal issue since the laptop does not power up from the battery. We take Jane’s details and begin to investigate.

11:45 am

We complete our examination of the laptop’s hard drive, and although it has been badly damaged we have been able to save Jane’s files. A full diagnosis reveals that the part of Jane’s laptop that holds the battery in place has also been damaged in the fall and that it needs to be replaced. We call Jane and inform her of these issues, telling her that it will be necessary to replace her laptop’s hard drive and transfer her documents, photos, music and other files to it in addition to replacing the battery connector. Jane agrees with this recommendation, and we begin the repair process.

2:00 pm

All repairs are completed. We call Jane to inform her that her laptop is back up and running, that all her files have been transferred over to her new hard drive, and that the laptop now starts up properly. Jane arrives half an hour later to pay for the work and collect her laptop, and calls us the following week to thank us and to tell us that her presentation was a great success. This is just one example of a job, and we regularly deal with far more exotic problems. If you’re in dire straits or are just stumped by a minor annoyance, get in touch or drop by one of our shops and we’ll do everything we can to help.


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