Data Recovery

We can perform data recovery on both laptop and desktop hard drives, as well as many other kinds of storage. 

If your Mac is damaged or fails in any way, it can be repaired — but the information stored on it is often much more important. If you can’t access information on your Mac for any reason — for instance, if it won’t start up, you’ve accidentally deleted it, or if it’s been damaged in any way, we may be able to recover it. We don’t just recover information from desktop or laptop hard drives, though: if you’re having trouble reading from any other kind of storage, we may be able to recover from those too.

These are some of the more common kinds of storage and devices we can recover data from, but if you don’t see yours on there then contact us and we’ll be able to tell you for sure.

Storage Media

  • Mac laptop and desktop hard drives
  • External hard drives
  • USB thumb drives
  • Camera and phone memory cards (CompactFlash, SD, xD, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, etc)
  • Iomega Zip/Jaz disks
  • Floppy disks


  • iPhones (original, 3G & 3G S)
  • iPods (all varieties)

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If it has an Apple logo, we can fix it. Call us, email us or you can fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
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